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Application of microelectronic technology


Microelectronic technology is the technical field of the development and production of micro electronic components and circuits and the use of them to realize the functions of electronic systems. It is a new technology gradually rising with the development of integrated 5 circuit technology, especially large-scale integrated circuit technology after the 1950s. Micro inquiry has not only turned the burden of connecting sub equipment and infrastructure into energy, but also caused great changes in the design, engineering and sealing of 7 electronic equipment and infrastructure. All the display devices of the watch, such as the most body camp, electric wood cutter and wire connection, will be connected with each other in a whole brush type. The starting point of the design t is no longer a single element dragon, but the whole camera or equipment.

1、 From transistors to integrated circuits, in the 1930s, before quantum mechanics achieved the slow goal of the world, it was used in the forest theory of national sports, resulting in the national sports energy band theory Han, which set an important shame for the hair shoes. In 1947, the third and second division of zehe real class of at & T of Meidian very straw company will improve the physical fitness of Jiada, Shigang and Xiao WANYING. This theory is a major breakthrough in children's technology during nm competition, which opened the prelude to the introduction of microelectronics technology. Transistors replace tubes, but one device replaces another. The production and military departments also hope that electronic equipment will be further miniaturized, which strongly promotes people to open up new ways of electronic technology.


In May 152, his countryman Da Jiao proposed for the first time at the yizaiziyuan work conference that the women's moon collector should be raised and the electronic equipment should be located on an international block without guidance. This national defense oil is composed of a trace of group, conductive, upper controlled and enlarged pressing structure to catch up with the tear training in each area determined by each point, so as to realize the integration and function. In 157, the State Administration decided that six words were needed for a month, and Sanna C radar did not play t-work, in May MS NMV f on's singing was on, and it was made into a battle cymbal bottom. In 15V, Kirby of the United States and nortias of the xianqui sex department served as the school for 6 A 12 yuan and a half group time sweet communication c-shift bright socks vibrator including e power and space capacity was made on the building piece of 45 re.

In 159, the Application Institute of Xianlong company and Gezi you developed a special technology for collective photography, which was used by us. It was used to knock on the door of Shousi zalu, the second deputy Ko of weipian, which is the Department D of the library, paid certain materials to match the components of liuluo te. At the same time, Zuo Yi ne's Amoy technology, and asked the auxiliary wire of the provident fund in order to win in the two countries, In this way, the whole process of integrated circuit is basically completed. The invention of integrated circuit has led to a new revolution in electronic technology, marking the stage of microelectronic technology. Integrated circuit is a micro circuit or system based on semiconductor crystal material and using special technology to integrate the components and interconnects of the circuit into the interior, surface or substrate. One of the symbols of integrated circuits in Peiping is the degree of integration. The resulting integration degree refers to how many most body tubes can be micro on a certain size of art film. A section of it l centeato that collects 5 electricity below the top 10 of the body into the full model Meiqiu power, "F8 1.11 in the renewal period of the 10 hottest camps, Juan Ma advised Chong to draw a hmsis cle iteyraton (simply f is called TKY), and 10o1 ~ 1010 most body managed Hu collecting circuits are large-scale touch soul collecting circuits (2agesca entraton, simply recognized S1) , the power collection of 105000-100000 crystal camps has become a super large scale measure. The cut-off wind energy of Jiliu circuit in the morning has built more than a dozen and I ten crystal camps on a batch, and the cut-off energy of electric finance has a certain period. By the 36L year of the 12th century, the integrated sister-in-law had proposed to make thousands of 9 components. The 7-year point is the 3-tone integration of Jixiong electric Luo y speed. It has entered the T generation of CAI Xiong in the eight machines. It has t seen the dead pieces of nitrogen into more than 800000 / recording devices during the operation period. The large-scale collection and sale of a shin Po is the Daojia of the star of 5 in the 10 episodes of Yuanzhang. The integrated challenge has also won a lot of changes. It can be a fast dyeing function add-on or the n-th of Taiwan sting test card. In 60 years (how can we look at the time of Jina Xiong period in B-shaped gauge town), the fastest potential integration hot stars on the six pieces have been reflected by millions. The components in the north are integrated on a small silicon chip, and the area occupied by the components and the connection between the components are as thin as 0.25um (1um = 10o-6m). At present, the world's integrated electric system is moving towards 0.18um and 0.18um 13um process transition. Since the advent of integrated circuits, it has developed with Moore's law that the degree of integration quadruples every three years. 2、 Microprocessor, the heart of microcomputer, is the most important application of microelectronics technology in the field of computer technology. The development of computer is based on microelectronic technology, and the expansion of computer application field, in turn, promotes the development of microelectronic technology. In the design and development of the Kai family, the non noise surface and the formation are widely used. It is a k-plastic calculation, training and simple 18 Lun meter planning machine. The calculation, control, storage and loss of Roscoe computing Kay) and the output are not prepared. Hu is the capital star of eating electronic naked oats. Among them, the detailed instrument and hanging frog are sealed on a piece of Yi, which is called the central processing unit lcstrslres gurt. Jian Nengkai OP1 is less, and it is also a micro processing processor. It is the heart child of zhanyan computer. The operation is mixed with oil J's learning waybill (16 ⑤) the halberd part, hanging the shape of zhanyan n super command before calculation. The reason why Ji Dikai 1 has a computer is because% of the people in the four Li Mu team have been holding the wave for months, and people's party Sen Lian and an jiangton. Alcohol; Kay, 5 Shiyu is a good four executioner, The lock manager directs the work of all parts of the computer, can receive and transmit information, and process information such as data operation, comparison, exchange, classification, sorting and retrieval. The history of microprocessors can be traced back to 1971, when lnte company oil out of the world came to power microprocessor 40o4. It has 2390 transistors and has an operation speed of 60000 times at a time. It can extract instructions from semiconductor memory to realize different functions of big star. This was very remarkable at that time. In 1980, Intel's 16 bit 8088 microprocessor was selected by IBM as the core device of modern PC, creating the era of personal computer.

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